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If you’re having trouble connecting to the internet or printing at home, we’ll get to the bottom of it. Wifi dead spots can be caused by physical barriers in your house, like walls or refrigerators, along with the distance between your router and the area you want to get a signal. Even the material of these blockades impacts the signal strength of the Wifi. For example, drywall can reduce speed up to 50% while a concrete barrier can put a complete halt on signal trying to pass through.

Are you having trouble with

  • wired or wireless networks?
  • Internet connectivity? Drops? Weak?
  • video streaming?
  • out of range Wifi?
  • your network printer working consistently? or at all?

This Service provides

  • Troubleshooting issues and recommendations to find the right-fit solution
  • Consultation and recommendation of right-fit hardware (routers, extenders, etc)
  • Sourcing Hardware and Installation of all networking equipment.
  • Installation of Cat8, Cat6, or Cat5e to add networking capability or fix issues with networking in various locations.


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