Computer Repair

Is Your MAC Or Other Computer Acting Up? Running Slow?

At Geek To You Technology, we’ll get to the bottom of your computer issues.


What repairs can Geek To You Technology provide?

  • Screen Resolutions or Replacements
  • Data Recovery or Data Transfer
  • Computer Upgrades or Refreshes
  • Malware, Spyware, and Virus Removal
  • Software Installations or Repairs to faulty installs
  • Server Diagnostic and Repairs
  • and more!

No matter what repair you need, this service always includes a diagnostic first to

  • test computer hardware components,
  • test the operating system and software, and
  • scan for Viruses, Malware, Adware, and Rootkits

At the end of our diagnostic service, we’ll either have your machine fixed or will have a full picture of the overall health and recommendations for moving forward.


Excellent to work with!

They are excellent to work with. They were patient. They explained the workings of the computer programs that I was having difficulty with, in a way that I could understand. They put up with my many questions and made sure I understood how the computer programs worked. I know I will have new questions in the future and will not think twice to call on them to help!

– Debra M, Sandown NH





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