Low Voltage Cable

Need Network, Phone, or COAX(cable) run?

We will run and/or install cable for your Network, Telephone, Security, Television and/or AV system.

We do pre-construction installations for new structures,  as well as installation in existing structures in both residential and commercial environments.

Whether you need a single phone line added to that newly organized home office that use to be a large closet, or a complete Network, phone installation, or Coax line run through out your entire home, we supply qualified technicians and tools for a job done correctly.

For those of you in one of those 100 year old mill buildings that have recently been renovated and are dealing with a mix of sheetrock, brick and granite walls can expect us to come up with the right solution.



Services include:

  • Cable (coax) installation to expand or preinstall for your cable provider.
  • Security Cameras:  We will have our qualified team of installers install your cabling, and upon completion one of our qualified team of Computer technicians will complete the process if required, installing the data storage, configuring cameras to work with Computers, and store needed imagery.
  • Our team will install Traditional voice lines, or Data lines for VOIP (Voice over IP) phone systems.
  • Finally, for finished jobs, our technicians we will handle terminating and testing cable runs.

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